ABM is a company dedicated to the export of equipment, spare parts and general consumables for sugar mills and ethanol distilleries. We serve our clients in a large number of countries and export products of some important Brazilian manufacturers from this sector.

ABM offers to Brazilian companies not only the technical and commercial knowledge for approaching new clients abroad, but also the experience and expertise on the administrative and financial aspects of the export procedures.

For a customer from overseas, ABM offers the knowledge of the Brazilian industry, which makes easier for them to select and access the local manufacturers that can offer reliable quality products and competitive prices.

ABM carries out the entire process, from the sale to the production inspection of our orders, as well as the management of the export process, so we can assure the products quality and the correct on time delivery to our clients. As in most of the cases an operation involves products from different companies, and ABM can also coordinate the logistic process in order to reduce the delivery time and transportation costs.

ABM started operating in 1990 and today has accumulated a wide experience with many sugar mills and ethanol distilleries abroad, to which it exports Brazilian products and services.ABM also provides its clients with the access to the Brazilian export financing program. (PROEX and BNDES).